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About Us

Organic soap


Hello! We’re happy you’re here. 
Let’s talk soap! We’re a company that makes organic, vegan, and all-natural soaps that your skin will love and appreciate. We pride ourselves on making products that are not only safe for our customers but healthy for the environment as well. From blue jasmine to goat milk, our ingredients are guaranteed to nourish your skin and create a happy and healthy glow. 
Each soap has a list of special ingredients that not only soothe skin conditions such as eczema, but are also incredibly moisturizing. 
These natural ingredients are sure to transform your skincare and your skin itself. Our soap artisans use everyday ingredients like eucalyptus and lemongrass that have natural healing benefits, making them an ideal choice for everyday use. 
We take pride in finding the balance between beauty and function with our products. As we explore all that natural ingredients have to offer, we’re reminded of the healing power of Mother Earth’s greatest gifts.
Get to Know Our Soaps
Our products are handmade with love and are created with ingredients that are ethically-sourced and environmentally-friendly. We do not use parabens, unnatural preservatives, or petroleum products. For our oil bases, we use shea butter, olive oil, and sunflower oil. These ingredients effectively slow down the aging process and help preserve the largest organ on the human body, the skin!
Our company began when one of our founders discovered that normal drugstore soaps weren’t cutting it for her skin. While her soap was an effective cleanser, the low quality ingredients caused her skin to break out. After reading the list of unnatural ingredients in her soap, she decided she had enough; it was time to explore and create something safer, wholesome, and ultimately healthier. 
A Natural Option 
We knew the first step in finding the healthiest option for our soap started with going greener. Thus, we made a commitment to use all-natural ingredients and oils. With a bit of research, we settled on the ingredients that we use in our soaps today. 
Our favorite all-natural ingredients like goat milk are what makes our soap so incredible! Not only does goat milk help with extremely dry skin, it also minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. 
Once we had our carefully curated list of ingredients in place, we created the first few soaps of our all-natural line. Since we were our first customers, we know firsthand how our soaps look, smell, and feel. We’re uncompromising in our ingredients and processes, and we’re so excited to share our journey with you.
Why is Soap So Important?
Great soap goes beyond getting clean. One of the most important parts of a beauty regime is skincare. Yes, makeup can aid in concealing imperfections, but one of the best ways to get better results with your skin is by maintaining a skincare routine that is consistent, simple, and nourishing to your skin. Not only does the right soap moisturize and clean your skin, it also protects it. 
With the healthiest soaps, your skin will look its absolute best and your daily trip to the mirror will show you the power and potential of our products. Using all-natural ingredients will help you get healthy as you watch any blemishes or “problem areas” disappear.
Maintaining healthy skin is also essential to people that suffer from skin-related conditions like eczema. Finding the right products will help your skin heal and discourage future skin problems.
More Than Just Soap
As a company, Supreme Beauty & Health stands for improving ourselves, and the world around us. In our research, we also learned that the best soaps help clean up the earth as well. As the average bar of soap contains saponified tallow and animal fats, choosing a greener option is better for us, animals, and the environment at large. 
As we fight for a cleaner earth with our soaps, we’re determined to protect the planet by going back to basics. By that, we mean that we want to use the best ingredients the earth has to offer us. Too often, soaps and similar products include ingredients that have unhealthy long-term effects for people and the earth. We want to reverse this effect by using the greenest ingredients as well as environmentally safe packaging.
That’s why all of our ingredients are safe for the earth and for our clients. Thanks to our extensive research and development, we know our products not only exude luxury but are luxuriously healthy for your skin as well. We are committed to keeping you clean as you care for your skin with our incredible selection of organic/vegan soaps and goat milk soaps.
Making Safer Soap 
We’re serious about our health and we put this into practice in our soap making processes. To that end, we are mindful not to cross-contaminate, keeping individual ingredients separate from others. We prioritize our customers’ health and safety and look forward to learning all about your journey to happier and healthier skin.
At Supreme Beauty & Health, we are of the mindset that the earth gives us everything we need. We live by that philosophy and are excited for you to try it for yourself.
Stay Connected!
Currently, our team is hard at work, creating the best and healthiest all-natural soaps for you. We want you to love the skin you’re in and show it off! As we expand our company, we’re focusing on meeting all your skincare needs. We’re constantly at work with our dermatologists and healthcare professionals to make sure our next line of soaps is exactly what you’re looking for. 
Don’t have a solid skin care regimen in place yet? We want to help! Say goodbye to products that dry out your skin and trigger your allergies. Explore our full range of artisanal soaps: whether you’re shopping our vegan selections or interested in our goat milk soaps, we have something for you. 
Whatever you choose, we want you to feel good about the skin you’re in. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions. We can’t wait to work with you and find the perfect soap solution for your skin!